Kansas City


Craig Volland

  Carbon games
  Controlling carbon from power companies. | 10.03.06

  The false promise of plug-in hybrid vehicles
  How realistic is the plug-in hybrid car? | 07.28.06

  Cool things to do to stop global warming
  We can slow global warming if we start now. | 05.26.06

  Mercury threat continues to grow
  Why should we care about Kansas City Power & Light's production upgrade?
| 03.03.06

  Transcendent moments in nature
  A look at nature through the film King Kong.| 01.20.06

  Asian falooey
  Overboard reactions to Asian flu.| 12.23.05

  The corporate raid on 'Organic'
  Drawing the line on what is and isn't organic.| 11.08.05

  Bad air returns to KC
  Bad air in KC is not enough to alarm EPA.| 10.07.05

 'The more we bake the higher their take'
  Global warming could be beneficial to coal producers.| 9.02.05

  KCP&L likes to boil water and play wind games
  Kansas City Power and Light Co. spent the past year putting on workshops for big power customers and community players in hopes of gaining a consensus for their latest long-range energy plan.| 6.24.05

  Mission creep(iness) at the FDA
  The latest blunders by the US Food and Drug Administration, which regularly approves prescription drugs that turn out to kill people.| 6.10.05

  Luck and 'fudge factors' behind KC's clean air designation
  Mother Nature helped to reverse expectations that the area would violate the ozone standard| 5.13.05






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