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A Day to Remember
For Those Who Have Heart

Victory Records


The five guys who make up A Day To Remember look like they’re living every art institute dropout’s perfect dream. They tour everywhere under the tender care of the Victory label (don’t worry guys, they’ll take care of your money real well...), have lots and lots of photos of themselves on their myspace page (which also names all their various booking info people, label people and a bunch of other crap they never read because Victory probably did most of the work themselves...), and most importantly have those big stretched out ear piercing like some African tribesmen, which of course makes them persecuted and misunderstood by “the man.”

Anywho, the first track is alright, a kind of clean Green Day sound, for about thirty seconds, and then...oh yeah, right — Victory Records.

Almost forgot that all you guys put out is Screamo. Sorry, my bad. It’s just that sometimes it would be nice to open up one of your brand-new pre-broken jewel cases and find something that doesn’t just appeal to white twenty-something suburban kids for a change. Really, does the youth market need more crap to buy?

So, in conclusion, For Those Who Have Heart is a screamo album, which is mostly inarticulate growling and really fast drums, and if like screamo you will like it or, if you don’t like screamo, you just might heave it out your car window somewhere on Broadway near Penn Valley Park, you know where, the place where Kansas City is going to fix the mass transit problems by tearing out a road everybody uses and, apparently, putting in some kind of gondola.

Sounds kinda like screamo, don’t it? —Brandon Whitehead (posted 10/5/07)

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